Some time ago Jaffa DesignWorx teamed up Hit N Run Coffee Shop and Roastery, working together to create a very functional and easy to navigate, scrolling web page. We made sure it had engaging content, optimised images and words with a brand-consistent design and layout.

Retail and wholesale demand for Steve’s Multi-Award Winning Roasted Coffee Beans has grown, so Steve and Samantha asked us to update their site and include an online Store. Additions included designing Product Images, incorporating Coupons, Secure Payments, Delivery and Click and Collect options. The new Hit n Run Coffee Club for members added along with Mailchimp and SMS integrations for marketing newsletters and automated notifications.

A bit of trivia for you. Did you know both roasted and green coffee beans that are an ingredient for a beverage for human consumption are GST-free?

Seriously though it is all about their deliciously smooth tasting roasted on-site coffee beans, freshly ground to order for the espresso machine, plunger or stovetop coffee connoisseurs. And don’t worry, there is something for hot chocolate and chai lovers too.

Hop onto the Hit N Run Coffee Shop and Roastery and order yours NOW! We did. ?☕️