Some time ago Jaffa DesignWorx teamed up Hit N Run Coffee Shop and Roastery, working together to create a very functional and easy to navigate, scrolling web page. We made sure it had engaging content, optimised images and words with a brand-consistent design and layout.

Retail and wholesale demand for Steve’s Multi-Award Winning Roasted Coffee Beans has grown, so Steve and Samantha asked us to update their site and include an online Store. Additions included designing Product Images, incorporating Coupons, Secure Payments, Delivery and Click and Collect options. The new Hit n Run Coffee Club for members added along with Mailchimp and SMS integrations for marketing newsletters and automated notifications.

A bit of trivia for you. Did you know both roasted and green coffee beans that are an ingredient for a beverage for human consumption are GST-free?

Seriously though it is all about their deliciously smooth tasting roasted on-site coffee beans, freshly ground to order for the espresso machine, plunger or stovetop coffee connoisseurs. And don’t worry, there is something for hot chocolate and chai lovers too.

Hop onto the Hit N Run Coffee Shop and Roastery and order yours NOW! We did. ?☕️


Smart, polished, striking: these are the results you get when you hire a professional graphic designer to create the visuals for your marketing.

Of course, you could try your hand at creating a logo and website for your business however, here are four compelling reasons why you shouldn’t:

Speed and efficiency

A professional designer can get design work done fast. Whether it’s logo design, branding or web design, professionals work quickly and efficiently, and they do things right. They focus on top quality elements plus they rarely make mistakes.

When you hire professionals, there won’t be any printing hold-ups due to corrupted fonts or incorrectly set borders. You also won’t end up with a slow-loading website or one that no-one can find.

Avoid the same old templates

Design sites like Canva offer a dazzling array of templates for non-designers to use. Unfortunately, there is a cookie-cutter look to these so-called design solutions. These types of overused templates will make you look the same as low-budget competitors in your industry.

What’s more, experimenting with different templates chews up your precious time; time that could be spent focusing on your core business.

Understanding graphic design for different types of media

There are some critical differences between graphic design for print and graphic design for online applications — these range from terminology to file formats to programming tools.

Understanding the restrictions and possibilities of both print and web design is key to getting your marketing visuals right. A professional design team will instinctively know what works best in each medium. It’s their job!

Just because you’re a small business, you don’t have to look like one

Many small businesses are small in size only. They’re very often dynamic, innovative and well-loved commercial enterprises. They deserve the best when it comes to design.

A professional design team will help your small business create the kind of brand identity that reaches your target audience.

Jaffa DesignWorx

At Jaffa DesignWorx, we’ll take the time to understand what makes your business unique and what separates you from your competitors. We’ll translate this into an outstanding design. Need a professional? Get in touch today to find out how we can help with your next design project.

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